Message from CEO

The social role of an audit firm has become increasingly important while a social responsibility is strongly demanded for the company. ARK MEIJI AUDIT & Co. aims at improvement of the reliability of the company and the social realization that can feel relieved, offering a strict audit for reasonable cost with fairness.

We also aims at an audit that can support the long-term growth and development of the company. We performs a valuable audit for the company by high quality services and close communication with the client.

Our clients are mainly companies to focus on the domestic market, ranging from several billions of yen to tens of billions of yen in annual turnover. In Addition, We has the clients to prepare IPOs, of several hundreds of millions of yen in annual turnover.

The basic policy of our activities, for small and medium-sized client companies, is to contribute to economic revitalization in Japan by providing high quality audit services and IPO-related services at low cost.

The our core members are certified public accountants of high valuable experience from major audit firms. We are always ready to provide high-quality audit services by focusing on enhancement of audit tools and methods.

Furthermore, we contributes to the client companies with the aspect of the audit cost. We is a member firm of Kreston International, ranked in the 13th globally of international accounting group. However we can offer audit services of the quality same as a large-scale audit firm while minimizing audit cost.

We is the accounting professional firm which not only performs the reasonable audit that society demands, but also contributes to the public interest and the development of the Japanese economy through the company’s accounting audit.