Why choose ARK MEIJI

High-quality audit services

We are conducting several training course programs and actively utilizing external trainings for improving ability as accounting professional. We think that it is necessary that our employees are familiar with the latest accounting system and have a wide range of knowledge around the industry the clients belong to. We do not neglect the efforts to improve the ability of our employees because we believe that it directly connected to the satisfaction of the client.

Support the development of the firm by close relationship with management

We believe that it is essential that close communication with the clients to perform really valuable audit.

  • Our audit service is to understand properly the process not only to audit the financial statements.
  • Our audit is that we share the clients’ activities of the year with the clients.
  • Our audit is that we provide appropriate advice and guidance based on the industry’s history, current situation, the latest technology and market trends.
  • Our audit is to support the clients’ long-term growth and development through it.

This is our audit services.

Provide valuable audit at reasonable cost

Regardless of economic conditions, cost reduction is an integral part of any business. Therefore, we reduce the indirect costs of audit firm for providing valuable audit service at reasonable cost.

Since our establishment, we have been working on the operational efficiency consistently. We established a mechanism to thoroughly review our business waste and to concentrate on core business strategies.

We will strive to further efficiency in order to provide adequate audit services at the expense of value to the clients.

Building a Global Network

The cases which a client company expands overseas increase year by year because of complexity and globalization of the economy.

We join Kreston international as a member firm, which is an international accounting network, in order to meet the needs of a client expanding overseas.

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